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The Utopian Genesis server is a unique new server in the Swirve.com Network and serves as a sort of testing ground for Utopia development. The Genesis Server this age has the following unique rules from our primary gaming environment:

- Players start with more land and resources.
- There is no science decay.
- Birthrates have been lowered.
- The exploration pool is more plentiful.
- Mercenaries are cheaper.
- Kingdoms are limited to 20 players.
- Less action is required to start war.
- Networth is only shown for provinces over $100,000.
- Happiness falls more slowly.
- Happiness has fewer effects.
- Provinces cannot reset themselves before the game starts.
- Province races are assigned randomly.

Unlike our Primary Servers, the Utopian Genesis is not a continuing game. That is, when the games ends, players and kingdoms will not be transferred to a new round. You may play one account in this server in addition to an account in one of our primary gaming servers.