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The Utopian Genesis server is a unique new server in the Swirve.com Network and serves as a sort of testing ground for Utopia development. The Genesis Server for the age beginning in November 2004 is based on Utopia: The Age of Turmoil and has the following unique rule additions:

- There are no Island Distance penalties.
- Kingdoms are limited to 20 players.
- Less action is required to start war.
- Networth is only shown for provinces over $100,000.
- Provinces cannot reset themselves before the game starts.

- Kingdoms may have no relations for 24 hours after the end of any war.
- Various internal game formulas have been adjusted.
- Buildings have been changed to be gradually less effective for each building built. This is reflected in your new Internal Affairs advisor which provides details of building effects. Some buildings have also been changed - the new information is listed below. Note that this new system does not affect capacity buildings such as homes or flat-rate buildings such as Towers.

The Actual Numbers
Land Capacity Each built up acre of land houses 25 people; Barren lands house 15 people.
Homes House 5 people
Employs no one
Farms Produces 70 Bushels Per Day
Mills Decrease Building Costs by % * 5 (99% Max)
Reduces exploration gold expenses by % * 2 (50% Max)
Training Grounds Decrease Daily Maintenance Costs by % * 2.5 (75% Max)
Armouries Decrease Military Training Costs by % * 2 (75% Max)
Barracks Lowers Attack Time by % * 0.75 (25% Max)
Increase Offense by % * 0.75 (20% Max)
Forts Decrease Resource Losses when Attacked by % * 1.75 (30% Max)
Increase Defense by % * 0.5 (10% Max)
Thieves' Den Lower Losses in Thievery Operations by % * 5 (95% Max)
Increase Thievery Effectiveness by % * 1 (No Max)
Banks Generate $30 per day
Increase Income by % * 1.25 (No Max)
Hospitals Decrease Combat Losses by % * 4 (80% Max)
Increase Birth Rate by % * 4 (No Max)
Guilds 2% Chance of Training a Wizard Daily
Towers Produces 10 Runes Per Day
Watchtowers % * 1.5 Chance of Catching Enemy Thieves (60% Max)
% * 5 (100% Max) chance of identifying enemy thieves
Schools Increase Science Maximum by % * 1.5 (60% Max)
Libraries 3 Free Science Points per Day
Taverns Lowers Draft Costs by % * 3 (50% Max)
Stables Produces One Horse Per Day
(Max 75 Horses Per Stable)
Dungeons House 50 Prisoners of War

Unlike our Primary Servers, the Utopian Genesis is not a continuing game. That is, when the games ends, players and kingdoms will not be transferred to a new round. You may play one account in this server in addition to an account in one of our primary gaming servers.