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The Utopian Genesis server is a unique new server in the Swirve.com Network and serves as a sort of testing ground for Utopia development. The Genesis Server for the age beginning in September 2005 is based on Utopia: The Age of War and has the following unique rule additions:

- There are no Island Distance penalties.
- Less action is required to start war.
- Networth is only shown for provinces over $100,000.
- Provinces cannot reset themselves before the game starts.

- 25% Higher Income
- 50% Lower Building Costs
- Homes hold 10 people each
- Increased honor creation in war
- All Spells & Operations can be accessed outside of war
- Less effort needed to raise hostility levels
- In Hostility, Combat Gains and Attack Times bonuses are switched

- Stances have been implemented; a stance can be set by a kingdom and last a minimum of 24 hours. These effects do not apply during war and cannot be changed during the protection phase of the game. Stances are:

NORMAL: No Bonuses

PEACEFUL: +15% Magic on Defense; -15% Magic on Offense; +20% Birth Rates; -15% Attack Gains

FORTIFIED: +5% Income; -20% Construction Time; +10% Defense; -15% Offense; +15% Attack Time

AGGRESSIVE: -10% Attack Time; -15% Military Losses; -5% Building Effectiveness; +100% Rate of Rise on Conflict Meter

To help reduce server load, time "ticks" in Genesis 30 minutes ahead of the normal servers. For example, a Utopian Day will last from 1:30pm to 2:30pm instead of 2pm to 3pm.

Unlike our Primary Servers, the Utopian Genesis is not a continuing game. That is, when the games ends, players and kingdoms will not be transferred to a new round. You may play one account in this server in addition to an account in one of our primary gaming servers.