Utopia is a world of honor and nobility. While you can carve out a lifestyle of deceit and betrayal, there are some unique and powerful rewards for living honorably. Over time, good deeds will earn you recognition throughout the world. As you accumulate this honor, you will be granted Titles of Nobility, each of which offers benefits to your province. Seek out honor and you will find that your province grows more quickly in the future.
Obtaining Honor
Achieving Honor Points is a fairly simple process -- you gain honor by taking risks and capturing it. As you begin your fledgling province in Utopia, you will gain some honor just for surviving in the harsh world around you. After this initial period, Honor can be gained through successful attacks, spells, and thievery operations. It is important to understand, however, that notoriety only comes by taking risks -- and succeeding. You will not gain honor for taking advantage of smaller, weaker enemies, or by being a pest towards substantially larger opponents. You will not gain honor for working on your own outside the bounds of your kingdom. No, honor is primarily earned only by dedicating yourself to the success of your kingdom.

Be aware however, that as Honor can be gained, it can also be lost. Because Honor is captured and not created, if you are defeated by a worthy adversary, not only will he or she gain Honor, but you will lose it.

Titles of Nobility
As you reach certain milestones of Honor, you will be granted various Titles of Nobility. As with Honor, Titles of Nobility can be stripped from you should you fall below these milestones. Each Title will provide various benefits to your province. The Titles are as follows:

Knight / Lady
Lord / Noble Lady
Baron / Baroness
Viscount / Viscountess
Count / Countess
Marquis / Marchioness
Duke / Duchess
Prince / Princess

The Benefits of Honor
Honor has inherent benefits due to your notoriety and your people's respect of your leadership. For each title acquired beyond Knighthood (or Ladyship), your province will see these benefits. For each titles above and including Count / Countess, your province will receive double these benefits:

1% Increase in your maximum population
1% Increase in your income
2% Increase in your military strength when attacking others
2% Increase in your magic effectiveness
2% Increase in your thievery effectiveness
One additional vote for your Kingdom's Monarchy