The key to survival in Utopia is a strong and sustainable military. Almost everything else you do will likely be focused on being able to develop this area of your province. Your military consists of four (4) basic military units, as well as several generals to lead them in combat. I will take this opportunity to explain how your military structure works.
Your Generals
Each province maintains a military leadership of five generals, with slight variations for certain races. One of these generals remains at home at all times to lead your defense. The remaining generals may be sent to combat at any time, and they remain with your army during battle. Without a general at home, you will not be able to send additional forces to combat, so you have the ability to maintain five separate attack brigades at any given time. In any attack, you may send additional generals, giving you more strategic options and resulting in 5% additional military effectiveness for each general sent.

Your Military Units
Depending on your race, you will have available to you a different set of troops for battle. While your primary three units -- a basic soldier, an offensive specialist, and a defensive specialist -- will all have the same relative strengths, each race has a fourth elite unit with both offensive and defensive capabilities that vary.

Training Your Military
Acquiring basic Soldiers is based on the draft of your peasant population. Drafting an individual requires time and money, and no more than 1% of your peasant population can be drafted each Utopian Day. You may set a Draft Rate to determine what portion of your total populace will be drafted into the military. For example, a 30% Draft Rate will train 3 of every 10 peasants in your kingdom into your army.

Drafting a soldier costs $50 and will automatically be taken out of your coffers. If you do not have available funds for the draft, only those soldiers which you can afford will be drafted.

Once your peasant has been trained into a soldier, you can spend more time and money to train them into any of the more advanced combat forces. This allows to you to build a stronger army without consuming a larger portion of your peasant population. Elite Forces, because of their extensive training, suffer fewer losses than regular troops or specialist troops. They are the most space-efficient unit in your military, although you will pay a steep price to train them.

Military Expenses
After your military is drafted, you still must spend money to keep your troops in top condiction. Each day, you will automatically pay $1 / 3 Soldier & Specialist and $1 / Elite Troop, in the form of wages and training expenses. These costs will automatically be paid daily from tax revenues. A lack of funds will prevent your army from making attacks on other provinces.

The Actual Numbers: Military Capabilities
  Unit #1
Basic Soldier
Unit #2
Unit #3
Unit #4
Elite Force
Battle Strength
Battle Strength
Cost $50$250$250$1500

* Elite values vary by race and can be viewed in Chapter II: Races & Personalities.