Understanding the role of your kingdom and its relations is vital to your success in Utopia. Your kingdom is your alliance - without it, you likely won't survive. Work within your kingdom, however, and the possibilities are endless. Your Monarch has the ability to set specific relations with some of the other kingdoms across the world of Utopia. It is important to keep track of relations to understand how to effectively work with your teammates.
Possible Relations
No Relations The default status with most kingdoms, this simply means you have specified no particular relationship with the target kingdom.
War Declaring War with an enemy kingdom notifies them of your intent to commit hostile acts against their provinces and people. When collectively attacking, it is important to declare war to improve your fighting readiness and war capabilities. You may declare war with one kingdom at any time - two additional kingdoms may declare war with you. Note: When one kingdom declares war on another, both kingdoms get the advantages of war.

When at war, you will gain far more land and resources from your enemies, and your men will be more effective when attacking. These additional gains depend upon the size and strength of the province you are attacking. In addition, while at war, your kingdom establishes supply lines and other travel routes to ensure efficient treks to the battlefields. Kingdoms at war do not suffer any distance penalties in attacks, thievery, or magic operations. An unfortunate side-effect is that you will find exploring while your kingdom has declared war to be more expensive.

The Utopian Lords, in order to protect those less fortunate in the Utopian World, will not allow kingdoms to declare war on substantially smaller or larger kingdoms around them. As Utopia is about Honor, the Lords require that this be taken into account when choosing enemies.

Peace Declaring yourself at peace with another kingdom tells your provinces that they should not commit hostile attacks against them. If both parties have declared peace, it becomes a BINDING PEACE and attacks, spells, and thievery operations will not be allowed. A Kingdom may declare Peace with 2 other kingdoms.

A non-binding peace will give you a 10% defensive advantage regardless of the other kingdom's status. Thus, it is a useful tool when trying to protect your own lands while at war. However, this defensive stance also results in a 25% reduction in gains when attacking the opposing kingdom.