An Overview
Being King or Queen of a kingdom is quite a responsibility. Those of you with less experience should consider voting for another who looks to be a strong and capable leader. If you are interested in the Monarchy, there is much to know: Political power is not easy to obtain. Below, I will describe to you both the powers of the Monarch and the methods by which you can gain that throne.
Getting Elected
If you wish to become the Monarch of your kingdom, there are a few different ways to achieve your goal. First, you may be voted in by your fellow provinces. In order to be elected, you must maintain over fifty percent of the vote of other leaders, and you must have at least 2 votes more than any other province. If you are not popular, this will likely not happen. Thus, diplomacy is absolutely essential. Treat others with respect, maximize their value and importance in the kingdom. These are not only ways to earn the Monarchy, but also ideal ways to lead your kingdom to glory.

Ahh, there is one other way. If you can seize control of your kingdom -- that is, have more than 50% of the total networth on the kingdom -- your vote is all that matters. Whoever you choose to be Monarch will be elected. Unfortunately, to do this, you may have to attack your fellow kingdom provinces, weakening your kingdom's stature throughout the world. Sometimes, though, civil war is the only way to acheive one's goals. But can you piece together a fragmented kingdom into an effective team? This is a decision only you can make.

Who has the Votes?
Each province on your kingdom begins with one vote. However, you can obtain additional votes and strengthen your standing through Nobility. By Utopian Law, every province is guaranteed a minimum of one vote and no more than 10 votes.

The Monarch's Responsibilities
If you become King or Queen (by force or vote) your province gains several benefits. However, you also gain additional responsibilities which will take time, dedication, patience, diplomacy, and more.

Most importantly, you must rule with a fair hand. Seek input from your provinces, or you may quickly find yourself out of office. Each kingdom must find a Monarch to grow, but more importantly, they must find a fair and noble Monarch to lead them to glory.

It will also be your responsibility to maintain the Kingdom Council Forums, to keep them clean, and to make them a useful service to the various rulers across your kingdom. You will represent your kingdom to the world, and your actions will reflect on the provinces you represent. Diplomacy and tact will be vital to any kind of long-term successes. As Monarch, it is your duty to maintain relations with other kingdoms and organize projects such as the nurturing of a Dragon.

The Benefits of the Monarchy
With these responsibilities come benefits as well. Beyond the recognition and respect that you will acquire, the people of your province and kingdom understand how vital your health is to your kingdom's future. As such, your people will work harder and achieve the following:

10% Increase in your income
10% Increase in your food & rune production
10% DURING HOSTILE/WAR: Increase in your military strength when defending your lands
10% DURING HOSTILE/WAR: Increase in your magic & thievery effectiveness when defending your lands