War Results

Kingdom War Standings: Mar 19th
R a i n b o w F T W (24:15)131Active
Dungeon Dwellers (28:7)113Eliminated
Awesom o (33:8)113Eliminated
S H O W T I M E (15:9)113Eliminated
Last KD Standing (19:15)113Eliminated
EyesFRONT (26:18)113Eliminated
Happy BD RP (9:25)113Eliminated
GunnabeeGhetto FTW (21:32)113Eliminated
Laser Gun Pew Pew (20:33)113Eliminated
UnchartedGhettoIsle (8:38)113Eliminated
The Ascendants (21:2)104Eliminated
Sudden Death (31:2)104Eliminated
Justice (10:4)104Eliminated
See No Evil (15:5)104Eliminated
OOW hits Retalled x3 (20:5)104Eliminated
GivingYouHangovers (2:7)104Eliminated
SantasFinestHeroes (5:9)104Eliminated
RAW IS WAR (23:12)104Eliminated
Godsend (25:17)104Eliminated
NATURAL BORN KILLERS (12:21)104Eliminated
Wasp Factory (28:23)104Eliminated
The Illusionists (9:24)104Eliminated
HOTNSPICY (20:25)104Eliminated
BOUNCERS (34:27)104Eliminated
Wrath of the Gods (25:30)104Eliminated
Dementia (20:31)104Eliminated
FightClub (40:32)104Eliminated
TILL THE END 4 FUN (7:34)104Eliminated
Scrubs (13:36)104Eliminated
war is hell (26:39)104Eliminated
ReadyToRumble (22:1)95Eliminated
Notenkraker (29:1)95Eliminated
Megalomania (13:2)95Eliminated
9 Noobs 9 Revenge 9 (32:3)95Eliminated
Russian Legions (14:4)95Eliminated
Farewell GuW (29:4)95Eliminated
The 300 Warriors (40:4)95Eliminated
AllUrBaseBelongToUS (31:5)95Eliminated
For The Love Of GoD (37:7)95Eliminated
Where is everyone (21:14)95Eliminated
Darkness (40:14)95Eliminated
Plagued Cube (3:15)95Eliminated
The Elite Four (15:15)95Eliminated
One Woman Show (21:15)95Eliminated
You and Whose Army (29:15)95Eliminated
TheMonarchIsANub (9:19)95Eliminated
The Pyramids (12:20)95Eliminated
DARK JUBJUB STEW (16:20)95Eliminated
Justice for All (29:20)95Eliminated
The Proud 4 (34:20)95Eliminated
DiStUrBeD (16:22)95Eliminated
iWAR (19:24)95Eliminated
i can see your bum (25:24)95Eliminated
The Valley of Death (29:24)95Eliminated
UNO (37:24)95Eliminated
Aliens (25:26)95Eliminated
Curioser N Curioser (9:29)95Eliminated
V I N D I C T I VE (2:30)95Eliminated
An alBum Cover (16:30)95Eliminated
Big bad wolves (40:30)95Eliminated
Silly Bunnies (11:31)95Eliminated
SunRise (30:31)95Eliminated
War Aint THAT Bad (39:31)95Eliminated
Ying Yang (36:32)95Eliminated
Never Give Up (36:33)95Eliminated
Started 02 (31:34)95Eliminated
Bring it on (5:35)95Eliminated
The Mentally Insane (24:35)95Eliminated
Daves not here (38:36)95Eliminated
WeGotCrazyQueen (5:37)95Eliminated
The Bad News Bears (22:38)95Eliminated
Ghetto Wars (18:1)86Eliminated
BloodLords (17:2)86Eliminated
Upset Yet Ready (13:3)86Eliminated
MAke it 9 (17:3)86Eliminated
The 3 amigos (22:3)86Eliminated
Tetramethrin (7:5)86Eliminated
Fearless Five (2:6)86Eliminated
CanIWarYouEveryDay (13:6)86Eliminated
Team of Players (16:6)86Eliminated
the past kings (38:6)86Eliminated
18Seven (18:7)86Eliminated
Luminous Flux (1:9)86Eliminated
Last Chance (11:9)86Eliminated
Bite T H E Dust (33:9)86Eliminated
Nubzz at WAR (38:9)86Eliminated
The Three Amigos (24:10)86Eliminated
Absolut Chaos (15:11)86Eliminated
Unexercitus Deus (28:11)86Eliminated
TIME (18:12)86Eliminated
White Rabbits (13:13)86Eliminated
Thundercats HOOOOOO (19:13)86Eliminated
WarGods (14:14)86Eliminated
Hells Half Acre (37:16)86Eliminated
Chaos Theory (40:16)86Eliminated
REasonABLe dOUbt (22:17)86Eliminated
hollow moon (32:17)86Eliminated
Round II (11:18)86Eliminated
Gods of War (26:19)86Eliminated
The Last Stand (9:21)86Eliminated
Nudies fur alles (21:22)86Eliminated
BB (35:22)86Eliminated
UNUniteD Gets FAILER (5:23)86Eliminated
SILIENCE kINGDOM (9:23)86Eliminated
The Ghetto (17:25)86Eliminated
Oh So Lonely (24:27)86Eliminated
War For Sale (16:28)86Eliminated
Have a nice day (20:28)86Eliminated
XerreX (29:28)86Eliminated
Harbingers of War (31:28)86Eliminated
3 MoReLeFt LoLoLo (16:29)86Eliminated
Electric Ladyland (27:29)86Eliminated
Fearsome Foursome (35:29)86Eliminated
The MAD (1:30)86Eliminated
last men standing (6:30)86Eliminated
We rule (37:31)86Eliminated
UnKnown (34:32)86Eliminated
PWNage In War Mode (23:34)86Eliminated
N00bz (29:34)86Eliminated
ghettoville (10:37)86Eliminated
L33T (13:37)86Eliminated
Now we are Five (19:37)86Eliminated
XxXUncenCoredXxX (26:37)86Eliminated
Blue Serenity (13:38)86Eliminated
Blaaa (18:38)86Eliminated
Blargh Blargh Blargh (14:39)86Eliminated
Unexplained Entities (17:39)86Eliminated
Were bored too (32:40)86Eliminated
Barbaric Warriors (10:1)77Eliminated
Yay its just me now (25:2)77Eliminated
Empathetic Kingdom (39:2)77Eliminated
Tranquility (4:3)77Eliminated
NiGhTmArE kNiGhTs (19:4)77Eliminated
Live And Kicking (34:4)77Eliminated
We Wont Give In (8:6)77Eliminated
The 3 man army (5:8)77Eliminated
For Blood and Honor (10:8)77Eliminated
Payback time (30:9)77Eliminated
Puke and Rally (6:10)77Eliminated
Bandits (13:10)77Eliminated
Nice People Sux (20:11)77Eliminated
We SMASH u BAck (33:11)77Eliminated
We R Watching YoU (24:13)77Eliminated
Roaring panties (29:13)77Eliminated
I am my own Page (38:13)77Eliminated
Troid Go Braugh (6:14)77Eliminated
THE JUGGERNAUT (10:14)77Eliminated
Survivors (35:14)77Eliminated
Death Dealers (34:15)77Eliminated
Going for Broke (36:15)77Eliminated
Taps (18:16)77Eliminated
Phoenix Rising (27:16)77Eliminated
one better then u (5:17)77Eliminated
There Can B Only One (37:17)77Eliminated
Rocky Forever (7:18)77Eliminated
Legions United (5:19)77Eliminated
Just Us (6:21)77Eliminated
No Mercy (16:21)77Eliminated
iNACTIVE Leh (39:21)77Eliminated
Crazy (11:23)77Eliminated
T A R T A R U S (33:25)77Eliminated
BuRNiNGBLue UBeRALLe (36:25)77Eliminated
Uncool Kids (15:26)77Eliminated
Double Trouble (19:27)77Eliminated
Fearless Hinata (23:27)77Eliminated
the Many Monarchs (28:27)77Eliminated
NDH (39:27)77Eliminated
Superbad (26:28)77Eliminated
This Inactive Ghetto (34:28)77Eliminated
A Few Still Standing (40:28)77Eliminated
We Come In Peace (24:29)77Eliminated
The Bouncers (28:30)77Eliminated
dont hit hard pleas (31:30)77Eliminated
Angry Pups (32:31)77Eliminated
Chocoloate Thunder (8:32)77Eliminated
moo (28:32)77Eliminated
GAY FABULOUS (15:33)77Eliminated
Three Amigos (26:33)77Eliminated
The Three Amigos (13:34)77Eliminated
The Dirty Misfits (16:34)77Eliminated
Jailbirds (34:34)77Eliminated
Big Ball Crusherz (17:35)77Eliminated
Zero Tolerance (29:35)77Eliminated
Noone here (7:36)77Eliminated
DE and Gnome Army (10:36)77Eliminated
War Dead (21:36)77Eliminated
Final Act Sopranos (34:36)77Eliminated
Freaks In the Knight (35:36)77Eliminated
im NOT a quitter (30:37)77Eliminated
TWO VERSUS ONE (35:37)77Eliminated
The Nightmare (8:39)77Eliminated
Give up (29:39)77Eliminated
Paladins of Set (33:39)77Eliminated
Elimination Clean up (39:40)77Eliminated
Stayin Alive (26:1)68Eliminated
War (9:2)68Eliminated
Care Sane Idiots (9:3)68Eliminated
Wage on Wars (28:3)68Eliminated
Jhereg (3:4)68Eliminated
We are fighting back (12:5)68Eliminated
Santas NaughtyHelper (25:8)68Eliminated
The Forsaken N I B (38:8)68Eliminated
yes we Smash U (23:9)68Eliminated
Active as a Lemon (17:10)68Eliminated
Our Last Stand (29:10)68Eliminated
4 2 0 (35:10)68Eliminated
Destroyers of Peace (26:12)68Eliminated
Legends (32:12)68Eliminated
Dont Fear The Reaper (34:13)66Eliminated
Fear FTW (24:14)68Eliminated
Underdogs of GUW (29:14)68Eliminated
MURDERERS REVENGE (31:16)68Eliminated
DRUNK Hooligans (2:18)68Eliminated
And then there was 1 (35:18)68Eliminated
The Chosen Ones (21:19)68Eliminated
Nobels of Targo (37:19)68Eliminated
ALONE (31:21)68Eliminated
THE RESERVOIR DAWGS (35:21)68Eliminated
FlightOfThe Concords (9:22)68Eliminated
Keg O Rye (25:22)68Eliminated
To death do us apart (31:22)68Eliminated
Babyshambles OnTour (20:23)68Eliminated
Dark Warrior (24:23)68Eliminated
Legacy of War (6:24)68Eliminated
RROOAARR (17:24)68Eliminated
Still Uncharted War (8:25)68Eliminated
ILLUMINATI (13:25)68Eliminated
Us (27:25)68Eliminated
War Gods (3:27)68Eliminated
SHEN4EVERSEXY (37:28)67Eliminated
The Last Two EGGS (13:29)68Eliminated
The Enforcers (31:29)68Eliminated
oh yeah (35:30)68Eliminated
SharkEater (15:31)68Eliminated
The One (24:31)68Eliminated
TIME TO DIE (3:33)68Eliminated
Dragons Den (33:33)68Eliminated
Gundam Army (17:34)68Eliminated
Spartan at WAR (40:35)68Eliminated
City of David (4:36)68Eliminated
HereWeGo (23:36)68Eliminated
2 Orcs 2 Tango (26:38)68Eliminated
Party till Deleted (36:38)68Eliminated
Who is number 1 (1:39)68Eliminated
BIO FTW (5:39)68Eliminated
II (22:39)68Eliminated
You Again (39:39)68Eliminated
Sensation (12:40)68Eliminated
I DONT LOVE CHEATERS (32:1)59Eliminated
Disobedience (36:1)59Eliminated
Then there was ME (1:2)56Eliminated
ITS JUST ME (28:2)59Eliminated
Incredible (38:5)59Eliminated
Bravery (20:6)58Eliminated
I Smacked a God (30:6)59Eliminated
unLucky 7th (7:7)59Eliminated
Space Oddity (18:9)59Eliminated
ROFLOMGLOL (18:11)59Eliminated
Loners (1:12)56Eliminated
Phantasm (2:13)59Eliminated
You will die (6:13)59Eliminated
Make War Not Love (9:13)59Eliminated
atleast i am active (3:16)59Eliminated
Good vs Evil (3:17)59Eliminated
Cyberphobia is SEXY (13:17)59Eliminated
Make Love not War (32:18)57Eliminated
To The Last Of Us (13:19)59Eliminated
Dunder Mifflin FTW (34:19)59Eliminated
Nocturne War (9:20)59Eliminated
Alive and kicking (2:21)55Eliminated
Survivors (1:23)59Eliminated
Welcome to Nowhere (23:24)59Eliminated
The one and lonely (5:25)59Eliminated
Legion of Riot (13:27)59Eliminated
The Remaining (3:29)59Eliminated
In Your Face (11:29)59Eliminated
Men Behind The Wire (17:30)58Eliminated
message for war (20:30)59Eliminated
The Era (14:31)58Eliminated
United Monstrosities (4:32)59Eliminated
The one (22:32)59Eliminated
Remembrance (40:33)59Eliminated
Outremer WAR FTW (4:34)59Eliminated
Gratz lastkdstanding (23:37)59Eliminated
tis a free win (1:40)59Eliminated
Opium at WAR (15:40)57Eliminated
Techno BruTe F (11:7)49Eliminated
WAR WITH YOU (15:7)410Eliminated
Thanks for the fish (14:8)47Eliminated
pildi bayot ha (15:18)410Eliminated
Krabs R Us (18:19)410Eliminated
HELLO EARTH ME ROMAN (24:20)410Eliminated
Karma happens (37:23)45Eliminated
Fly Solo (40:23)410Eliminated
WWW (4:26)410Eliminated
Totally Screwed (33:26)410Eliminated
i did ur moma (36:26)410Eliminated
The Elite Losers (8:31)410Eliminated
The Dynamic Duo (9:35)410Eliminated
So Lonely TT (37:37)49Eliminated
The Florida Keys (36:39)410Eliminated
come get you some (22:4)36Eliminated
pipi down has goat (23:7)34Eliminated
DontKillMeKillThem (3:11)35Eliminated
Storm Giants (11:12)311Eliminated
ROME (3:14)311Eliminated
Organized Chaos (40:15)39Eliminated
KungFoo Fighters FTW (25:25)34Eliminated
Rasengan (10:26)39Eliminated
As Tall as Dragons (20:29)37Eliminated
KULITITUS (26:34)311Eliminated
SCANS (40:34)36Eliminated
For the Win (34:35)38Eliminated
The Hopeless (4:37)310Eliminated
THE END (3:5)27Eliminated
The Last One (26:5)27Eliminated
Team ME (40:9)210Eliminated
Devils Rejects 666 (8:10)26Eliminated
Watchmen (38:10)27Eliminated
Das Noobs (8:27)211Eliminated
The Risen (33:32)26Eliminated
INACTIVES (8:33)25Eliminated
Demons of Domination (19:40)27Eliminated
Just 2 Wins Plz (17:8)15Eliminated
ONE MAN ARMY (25:11)17Eliminated
Anarchism (39:18)18Eliminated
Dont Own Us (1:24)16Eliminated
moo (1:25)17Eliminated
KiTtEns R LiKe N00bS (7:40)17Eliminated
Phoenix Fire (32:7)02Eliminated
Droolz 4 your blood (10:11)02Eliminated
The Red Guard (24:16)06Eliminated
Uncharted (16:17)02Eliminated
Dark Warriors (4:22)02Eliminated
InactiveInactives (38:25)02Eliminated
Marandas Pets (2:31)02Eliminated