Races & Personalities for the Genesis server beginning in February 2006

UPDATED: Monday, Feburary 13th - 1pm

The Actual Numbers: The Races
Humans Elves
+25% Maximum Science
Soldiers are 2/2
Science costs drop at twice normal rate
No Runes Needed
No Limits on Conquest
Minimum 100% Defensive ME
No Free Building Credits from Combat No Access to Dungeons
4/6 Elite - $1000 6/3 Elite - $900
Dwarves Orcs
+30% Building Efficiency
Free Building Construction
50% of Normal Wages
No Draft Costs
Extra Defensive ME Boost when attacked
Attacks destroy enemy buildings on land not captured
+20% Gains on Attacks
No Access to Watchtowers No Honor Bonuses
6/6 Elite - $1000 7/3 Elite - $900
Faeries Halflings
Access to All Spells
Identify all incoming spells
+1 Stealth Recovery / Hour
+1 Mana Recovery / Hour
20% Enemy Spells Fail
-50% Thief Losses
Identify all incoming thievery ops
Prisoners and Mercenaries fight as 5 Soldiers
50% Military Training Costs
-5% Max Population No Access to Hospitals
3/6 Elite - $1200 5/4 Elite - $150
Avians Undead
Immunity to Forts, Ambush, and Fog
Minimum 100% Offensive ME
No Food Consumption
Can Swap Off and Def Specs (lose 10%)
+30% Maximum Population
Spreads The Plague
No Offensive Military Losses
Reanimate Dead in Attacks
Some Specialists Converted to Elites in Attacks
No Access to Offensive Spells (non-intel)
No Specialist Credits from Combat
50% Normal Peasant Growth
Peasants Naturally Grow to only 50% of Max Population
No Access to Science
Cannot Train Elites
6/4 Elite - $800 9/4 Elite - $---
* Elite Values are the Offensive Strength / Defensive Strength

The Actual Numbers: The Personalities
The Merchant +15% Income
Immunity to all Income Penalties (Riots, Plagues, etc.)
ELITE UNIT: Each 20 elites at home fill one job
The Shepherd 30% faster military training, building construction, exploring, and scientific research
All lands generate 4 bushels of food per acre daily
ELITE UNIT: Every 3 elites at home will generate 1 bushel of food daily
The Sage 40% lower science research costs
Immune to the Plague
ELITE UNIT: Every 15 elites at home will generate 1 science point daily
The Rogue +50% Thievery Effectiveness
Access to all thievery operations, including three unique to Rogues
ELITE UNIT: Every 10 elite units at home will function as 1 thief on thievery defense
The Mystic +20% Rune Production
All Guilds are twice as effective
ELITE UNIT: Every 10 elite units at home will generate 1 rune daily
The War Hero +50% Bonuses from Honor
One Additional General
ELITE UNIT: Every 25 elites in battle capture 1 extra prisoner
The Warrior 50% Cheaper Mercenaries
1 Mercenary per 4 loyal troops (normally 5)
ELITE UNIT: Armies with elite units gain more in battle; a 100% Elite Army will have +15% gains
The General Access to enhanced Conquest Attack at all times
50% higher effectiveness on intelligence ops & spells
ELITE UNIT: Elite units die at the rate of 50% of other troops
The Freak Large randomness in all attacks.
+20% Birth Rates
ELITE UNIT: Every 5 elites take up the population space of 4 peasants