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The Great Utopian War is a unique one-time only tournament server in which players get randomly assigned a kingdom and have the opportunity to compete in a series of wars until only one kingdom is left standing. All players sign up in advance of the game starting - once kingdoms have been assigned, no more players are allowed into the game. The game is designed to get more challenging as time progresses and is expected to last several months.

The signup phase ends May 25th - so sign up now if you are interested

Please read through the game rules below before signing up. This will be a competitive, team-based game, so please consider this when deciding whether to participate. Please do not sign up if you are not committed to being an active player. Basic rules are as follows:

- All players start with 1,000 acres of land.
- The kingdom explore pool is 1,000 acres and rises very slowly.
- Players may not defect - it is up to the kingdom to learn to work together.
- Players may not reset their province; all decisions are final
- Vacation mode is only 3 days and can only be used once every two weeks
- Weaker version of Paradise Spell

- No combat, magic, or thievery outside of war

The Great War will be a structured series of wars created by the game. Every so often, a war will automatically commence with an enemy kingdom and will end at a random time (generally, but not always, 3 to 5 days). A kingdom will be given a win as long as the war meter is above 55% and no more than half the kingdom's provinces are in vacation mode. Otherwise, a kingdom receives a loss (for example, a 52-48 war meter would result in both kingdoms receiving a loss). After war, the game will have a "recovery period" of a few days (generally, but not always, 2 to 3 days) followed by another war.

Once a kingdom has three losses, they are eliminated. In addition, if there is an odd number of kingdoms when the next war period begins, the smallest remaining kingdom is eliminated. Wars will be assigned to kingdoms based on a variety of factors including war record, networth, and land.

This game is truly about teamwork. Players cannot select their kingdoms and will not be assigned kingdoms until the signup phase is complete. It is up to kingdoms to quickly become a functioning unit and to support teammates. Followers may have to learn to lead; leaders may have to learn to follow. Without a cooperative kingdom, chances of survival are limited. The great challenge is how to best handle these circumstances and survive in this ruthless environment.

Game Schedule

May 22-25: Sign up Phase
May 26-27: Kingdom assignment and Freeze Time
May 28: Game time begins

Sign Up Now

You may sign up for a game account here. However, you will not be able to log into your account or be assigned a kingdom until the sign up process has closed. Any players attempting to create multiple accounts or providing false sign up information will be removed from the start.

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